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Organic green mandarin

106.00 dh

Relaxing, sedative, mild hypnotic.

It soothes in case of restlessness, stress, nervousness, and improves the quality of
Sleep in young and old.

Also used in case of digestive disorders thanks to its tonic effect which facilitates
digestion, calms hiccups, and relieves heartburn. 'stomach, tonic
digestive, cholagogue, and a natural laxative.

Mandarin is excellent in atmospheric diffusion, to promote a relaxed

It is also recommended in case of travel sickness you can feel through the
the olfactory path its refreshing and invigorating scent that calms down both the
nervous system and digestive system.

Areas of application: Relaxation and sleep / Digestion (see description)
Botanical name: Citrus reticulata Blanco var.
Volume: 10 ML

Powerful aromatherapy / Simplicity

The strength of essential oils lies in their concentration and volatility. They carry in
they are the forces of life, convey the unspeakable and the unsuspected. When chosen with
accuracy, sometimes a simple trace is all it takes for them in a flash to help us
straighten up and regain balance and energy within us.

Aromatherapy all in ELEGANCE

Essential oils help us feel more alive, beautify the present, refresh the past, light up the path and awaken intuition.

They have the power to elevate moods, help us to know ourselves better and speak to us if we learn to hear their subtle message.

A disease is first of all the expression of an energetic journey, but also emotional, metabolic, nutritional, climatic and finally organic.

The right essential oil will be able to trace this breadcrumb trail and guide the subject towards healing.

Well used, essential oils are placed at the service of health , well-being and even spirituality…

aromatherapy undoubtedly has a lot to offer you

Organic green mandarin

106.00 dh