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Our history

Amal BENCHEKROUN, DR in biology ex Institut Pasteur researcher, specialized in immunology, wanted to turn to the plant world with all its complexity, richness and diversity and more particularly to essential oils to improve the defenses of the 'man.

She then discovers a new world, a world that challenges us and questions us, making a link between the telluric and the cosmic and where each plant carries a message, a coherence, a musicality in it and the essential oil carries the decoding of this message offering an extremely vast field of possibilities which can help the man to harmonize.

H2EA is installed in Grand Casablanca with a network of producers across Morocco and around the world. It is a Moroccan company that offers essential oils defined botanically and biochemically (HEBBD), to meet the requirements of naturopaths, aromatherapists, herbalists, pharmacists, and manufacturers. The biochemical composition of our essential oils and approved by an independent laboratory.

Thanks to our strong network of producers, we offer you pure, natural, unmodified and chemotyped essential oils.
The vast majority of our essential oils come from wild plants, guaranteeing the best possible quality for an essential oil because the plant having grown in its natural biotope without human intervention offers the most intact essential oil.

Our essential oils are obtained by complete distillation by entrainment of water vapor and are obtained from organic, wild plants.
Our vegetable oils are virgin, unrefined, first cold pressed, contain no additives or preservatives.
As for hydrosols, they are highly concentrated, 100% pure and fresh and come from the same plants as essential oils. This is how our products are mostly certified organic by an Ecocert organic certification body.

This is how this biologist, passionate about this olfactory world, set out to create an antenna to capture the best of what the plant world can offer us. She believes in the classic therapeutic properties as well as in the vibratory and harmonizing properties of essential oils; they are true concentrates of vital energy with a tenfold efficiency when they are present in synergy.

It was then Amal Benchekroun made a commitment to offer a quality product certified organic flawless and sustainable for the entire range of its products.

The laboratory of essential oils and aromatic extracts H2EA is an LLC specializing in essential oils, vegetable oils, hydrosols as well as the creation of synergies or mixtures that enter into the component itself aromatherapy and cosmetotherapy.

Our Commitments

Our company policy is based on both social and environmental commitment. In fact, our operations revolve around our Human Capital, a key factor in our evolution with a policy of career development, training and a secure working environment

Assistance and advice

We listen to our customers, their needs and their expectations.

Zero Chemicals

Our products are highly concentrated, 100% pure and fresh without chemicals.

High quality

We put in place all the resources necessary for better quality products.

Our team